Garant Expert Summarizes 2019 of the Year

In the past year, the Garant Expert company continued its steady development in the previously specified areas. Actively using the exchange of experience as a tool for the development of the company, we strive not to miss a single significant event.

Therefore, throughout the year, representatives of Garant Expert took part in a number of special scientific and technical events. We closely monitor progressive trends in our field and strive to introduce all the advanced technologies into our work.

The high professionalism of our employees is our main asset. It is thanks to them that Garant Expert enjoys a high reputation not only among regional but also large foreign business. The trust of partners allowed us to implement significant projects in the Kaluga and Moscow regions.

Over the year, the Garant Expert company has grown in all areas. We have expanded the range services providedby adding a service for the development and coordination in the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Construction of special technical conditions for fire safety.

Seeing through 2019, we can confidently say that in the coming year, Garant Expert will continue its development. We sincerely thank our partners and clients for their trust, it was thanks to you that we had the opportunity to implement large-scale projects and put into practice all the accumulated experience and knowledge. Happy 2020!

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