Development of innovative solutions in the field of construction

Digitalization of construction processes and documentation for further monitoring, maintenance and tracking of the object's life cycle.

What is innovation?

Innovation is not just any innovation or innovation, but only one that significantly increases the efficiency of the current system.

Innovative - construction technology - must meet one or more of the criteria:

  1. Simplify and speed up the construction process;
  2. Reduce construction costs or operating costs;
  3. Improve the energy efficiency of the facility;
  4. Extend the life cycle of a building / structure

One of our first goals was: "Monitoring and operation of buildings and structures, including hazardous production facilities (HIF)"

The objectives of this software:

  • Collection and storage of information about infrastructure objects, their nodes, components;
  • Registration of a set of technical characteristics of objects, nodes of objects in a structured form;
  • Support for the planning of events (activities) necessary for the operation of infrastructure facilities;
  • Registration of the fact of events (activities) during the operation of infrastructure facilities;
  • Control of performing discipline;
  • Registration of financial data in the context of planned and actual events for conducting a plan-fact analysis of costs (Support of the management process);
  • Automatic registration of bills of volume of work for current and planned repairs
  • Formation of an electronic archive of technical documentation of infrastructure facilities and their components (nodes). Mechanism for online documentation search.

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