Examination of project documentation

Object Location: objects throughout Russia

Customer works: more than 400 different companies

Services provided: Examination of project documentation and engineering survey results

Description of the project

The largest customers:

  • JSC West Construction. Molding factory
  • VelesTechService. STO Kaluga
  • Volkswagen Group Rus
  • METRO Aparinki
  • Bosco Manufactories
  • DOCA Lipetsk
  • Ecotechstar. Shop Gorki-2
  • Maxplast. Irkutsk
  • RICK. Shop YES
  • SK Right Bank
  • Development Corporation of the Kaluga Region
  • "Agroimpex-Trade" Chocolate Factory
  • "Thermocool" "REFKUL"
  • Railroad Shchekinoazot
  • "Kaluga Poultry Farm"
  • Meat Processing Plant AUCHAN
  • "Leroy Merlin" Kursk
  • ORAK
  • BiotechRosva
  • PKF Technacon
  • "Dakvel" Hotel complex "Yakhonty Tarusa"
  • Coca-Cola HBC
  • Gitan Art Center
  • Shell gas station
  • Mercedes-Benz MB-Kaluga 

More than 400 objects in Russia….

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