Technical inspection of a multi-storey residential building

Area: 3800 m2

Construction period: 70 days

Completion of the project: November 2022, XNUMX

Object Location: Crimea

Services provided: Engineering survey , Inspection of buildings and structures , Laboratory services for non-destructive testing

Description of the project

Departure of mobile laboratory staff to the facility

– Carrying out 3D scanning of the supporting frame of the building and main communications
(communications at the level of the first floor).
– Opening the foundations for drawing up executive schemes and surveying the condition,
backfilling of pits (performed jointly with the Customer)
– Drawing up executive schemes of the foundations, the supporting frame of the building
– Determination of grades of concrete, reinforcement, identification of reinforcement by non-destructive
– Sampling for laboratory tests (laboratory in Kaluga)

The list of necessary survey works for the inspection of the building:

  1. Dimensional plans and sections of the building with the definition of characteristics
    materials of building structures (concrete class, diameters and class
    fittings). Definition of reinforcement and concrete class of all columns and girders
    monolithic ceiling on all floors;
  2. Inspection of foundations with their measurements. executive documentation for
    foundations and characteristics of foundation materials (class of concrete,
    diameters and reinforcement class).

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