Maintenance of the construction of the Agribirm Meshchovskaya

Agrofirm Meshchovskaya from the air, construction control

Completion of the project: November 2019, XNUMX

Period of execution: 2 years

Object Location: Kaluga region, Meshchovsky district, near the settlement of Youth

Customer works: LLC "Agrofirm Meshchovskaya"

Services provided: Examination of project documentation and engineering survey results , Engineering (technical customer services) , Building control , Construction audit

Description of the project

“The machine-transport park complex, organic fertilizer production site, a part-time, grain storage, and transshipment site located at the address: Kaluga Region, Meshchovsky District, near the settlement of Molodezhny.”

The agricultural complex, in accordance with its functional tasks, is designed for the following design capacity indicators:

1. Maintenance and repair, storage, refueling with diesel fuel, water of our own fleet of agricultural equipment of agricultural enterprises of AgroFirma Meshchovskaya LLC, namely:

  • combine harvesters - 14pcs;
  • tractor - 20pcs;
  • grain trucks with a trailer - 10pcs;
  • other auxiliary vehicles for agricultural enterprises - 5pcs;
  • agricultural equipment (reapers, seeders, plows, cultivators, trailers, etc.)

2. Production of organic fertilizers for own needs in the amount of 5644 t / year.

3. Part-time, storage and transshipment of grain (sowing grain) for own needs of the agricultural enterprise in the amount of 5400 tons / year (storage - 2400 tons).

4. Transshipment and temporary storage of fertilizers in containers for own needs of the agricultural enterprise LLC AgroFirma Meshchovskaya:

  • diammofoska in containers, maximum storage capacity - 1100t;
  • ammonium nitrate in containers; maximum storage capacity - 900t.

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