Agrofirm Meshchovskaya

Area: 14000 sq. M.

Amount of investments: 3 billion rubles

Construction period: 2 years

Completion of the project: November 2019, XNUMX

Object Location: Kaluga region, Meshchovsky district, near the settlement of Youth

Customer works: LLC "Agrofirm Meshchovskaya"

Services provided: Examination of project documentation and engineering survey results , Engineering (technical customer services) , Building control , Construction audit

Description of the project

The structure of the construction included:

  • Hangars for grain storage;
  • Land for storage of equipment;
  • 15 objects;

LLC AgroFirma Meshchovskaya is a dynamically developing organization in the field of agriculture, carrying out its
activities in the territory of the Meshchovsky District MP, the Babyninsky District and the Kozelsky District. The machine and transport park complex, organic fertilizer production site, a part-time, grain storage, and transshipment site located at Kaluga Region, Meshchovsky District, near the Molodezhny settlement.

The agricultural complex, in accordance with its functional tasks, is designed for the following design capacity indicators:

1. Maintenance and repair, storage, refueling with diesel fuel, water of the own fleet of agricultural machinery of the agricultural enterprise LLC "AgroFirma Meshchovskaya", namely:

  • grain harvesters - 14 pcs;
  • tractors - 20 pcs;
  • grain trucks with a trailer - 10 pcs;
  • other auxiliary vehicles of the agricultural enterprise - 5 pcs;
  • agricultural equipment (reapers, seeders, plows, cultivators, trailers, etc.)

2. Production of organic fertilizers for own needs in the amount of 5644 t / year.

3. Additional processing, storage and transshipment of grain (sowing grain) for the agricultural enterprise's own needs in the amount of 5400 tons / year (storage - 2400 tons).

4. Transshipment and temporary storage of fertilizers in containers for their own needs of the agricultural enterprise "AgroFirma Meshchovskaya":

  • diammophoska in a container, maximum storage volume - 1100t;
  • ammonium nitrate in a container, maximum storage volume - 900 t.

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