Registration of a construction stop

LLC "Judicial and non-state construction expertise" GARANT EXPERT "provides services to all parties of investment construction projects in the process of stopping construction, temporary suspension of construction, freezing construction, conservation of construction.

Unfinished construction. The photo Lauris Arhinovics from

What is included in the construction stop service?

  1. Full objective professional assessment of the volume and quality of construction and installation works
  2. Assessment, preparation, revision of as-built documentation for capital construction projects
  3. Registration of the project of conservation of the object of unfinished construction and further resumption of construction
  4. Fixing the volumes of completed construction and installation works for the purpose of regulating the contractual relationship between the Customer and the general contractor, the general contractor and subcontractors
  5. Reworking design solutions for the use of technology and equipment not included in the sanctions list
  6. Assessment of the cost of work performed at the time of suspension of the construction of the facility

To perform these tasks, LLC "Judicial and non-state construction expertise" GARANT EXPERT "has all the necessary equipment, personnel and experience, including professional certified forensic experts. The laser scanning technology makes it possible to fix the existing volumes of construction and installation work and structural elements to the smallest detail, which will further eliminate the challenge of the volume of completed construction work.

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