Design, architectural supervision

Judicial and non-state construction expertise "GARANT EXPERT" carries out the design of civil and industrial facilities in full.

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Design is carried out by professionals who are able to solve the most complex tasks. An extensive methodological base and current trends allow you to take into account all current requirements and recommendations in your project. Modern technologies of designing public buildings and structures, taking into account all town planning norms, are what our professional team is ready to offer you.

We guarantee a responsible approach to each of the design stages, including:

  • Collection of source data
  • Engineering survey
  • Design of buildings and structures
  • Linear Design
  • Development of urban planning documentation
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Conducting supervision of the construction of the object.

When is building design and field supervision required?

According to the requirements of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, new construction, reconstruction and some of the types of capital repairs of buildings and structures require the mandatory development of project documentation. It determines the architectural, technological, functional and engineering and technical parameters of the future construction object.

The composition and scope of project documentation are determined in accordance with the Government Decree No. 87 of 16.02.08, “On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements for their content.” According to this decree, capital construction objects, depending on the functional purpose and characteristic features, are divided into the following types:

  1. industrial objects (buildings, structures, industrial structures, including objects of defense and security);
  2. non-production facilities (buildings, structures, housing facilities, socio-cultural, household purposes;
  3. linear objects (pipelines, roads and railways, power lines, etc.).

What are the stages of building design?

The design process consists of the following steps:

Stage 1. Collection of initial permits.

At this stage, collect materials describing the future construction project. The initial permissive documentation includes:

  • documents confirming the ownership of land;
  • town planning documentation confirming the possibility of placing the object planned for construction on the selected site;
  • decisions of the city administration;
  • The conclusions and coordination from supervising services and bodies;
  • technical conditions for the engineering support of the object.

Stage 2. Performing engineering surveys.

Surveys are conducted to study the natural and man-made conditions of building a future construction object to make decisions about the location of objects on the ground, deepening the foundations of buildings and structures, the degree of their protection from the effects of various adverse factors and so on.

Stage 3. Development of project documentation.

The following sections should be included in the composition of project documentation for industrial and non-industrial objects:

  • Explanatory note;
  • Scheme of the planning organization of the land;
  • Architectural solutions;
  • Constructive and space planning solutions;
  • Information about engineering equipment, networks of engineering and technical support, a list of engineering and technical measures, the content of technological solutions;
  • Construction organization project;
  • Environmental protection measures;
  • List of environmental protection measures;
  • Fire safety measures;
  • Accessibility measures for persons with disabilities;
  • Measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency and the requirements of equipping buildings, buildings and structures with devices for metering energy resources used;
  • Estimates for the construction of capital construction;
  • Other documentation in cases provided for by federal laws.

Stage 4. Examination of project documentation.

Stage 5. Development of working documentation.

At this stage, the documentation required for the construction and installation works is being developed.

Developed sections of the stage "Working documentation":

  • Explanatory note
  • Technological section
  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Metal constructions
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Water supply and sewage
  • Electrical equipment power, internal electric lighting
  • Automation
  • Firefighting
  • Low-voltage systems and communications, including telephone installation, burglar and fire alarms, computer networks, video surveillance, television and radio
  • Off-site engineering networks

What is the author's supervision and why?

After creating all the necessary project documentation, the main construction / reconstruction process begins. To ensure that in the process of carrying out construction work, each stage meets the requirements of design, working and estimate documentation, the author's supervision over the construction is carried out.

Author's supervision conducted in order to ensure compliance with the decisions contained in the working documentation performed by construction and installation work at the facility.

The service involves complete control over the compliance of the work performed with the design solutions at all stages of construction prior to the commissioning of the building.

Supervision will help to avoid mistakes that can be made in case of a situation when it is necessary, due to various circumstances, to deviate from the requirements of the project. In this case, the supervision allows you to quickly and efficiently make changes to the project.

Designer's supervision is necessary procedurecorresponding to the legislation, which is necessary for the approval of the object for operation. Without the conclusion of the supervisory group, state acceptance of the building and its further operation for its direct or indirect purpose is impossible.

What rights do authorial supervisors have?

Author's supervision helps to prevent everything that can lead to a deterioration in the quality of construction, a decrease in the safety and reliability of the building (structure) or a deterioration in their performance, as well as to ensure that the final result exactly corresponds to the project.

The rights and obligations of representatives of the design organization at the construction site are regulated by the joint venture 11-110-99 “Designer supervision over the construction of buildings and structures”. Specialists who control the construction and reconstruction of the object are endowed with a number of rights, the main of which are:

  • making deviations and changes from design decisions;
  • prohibition of work performed with violations;
  • prohibition of the use of materials, products, devices, equipment, including non-standard, non-compliant with regulatory documents;
  • refinement, addition and change of design and technical solutions, if it improves the architectural and construction properties.

The main tasks of field supervision

The main tasks of architectural supervision are aimed at:

  • compliance with construction technology, legislation of the Russian Federation, GOST standards in construction, technical and documentary regulations;
  • Achievement of design values: the type, properties, location and other characteristics of the construction object “in kind” must coincide with the design values;
  • verification of compliance of the work to be carried out with the design and working drawings at each stage of the construction of the object;
  • identifying deviations from the project, violations in the technology and quality of the materials used and (if necessary) making decisions on making necessary changes in the project.
  • reliability of documentation: architectural supervision should ensure the completeness and correctness of the display of implemented design solutions in the as-built documentation;
  • the use of approved materials and equipment: verification of compliance of the materials and equipment used with the project requirements for safety, durability, reliability and ecology.

LLC "Judicial and non-state construction expertise" GARANT EXPERT "carries out the design of objects of any complexity and offers the implementation of the author's supervision. The service is rendered by qualified specialists of the company.

As part of the service, there is a clear control over the compliance of the progress of the work performed with the design solutions.

All tasks of the supervision are fixed in the contract, which strictly regulates the process:

  • control procedure;
  • detailed terms of reference;
  • schedule of visits to the facility by specialists;
  • duties of the parties.

To order the design of any building or supervision, call 8 (800) 707-24-91 or leave a request on the site. Our specialists will contact you after checking the assignment.

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Designer supervision is the key to successful construction

Before the start of construction, an order to conduct field supervision, responsible specialists are appointed to monitor the construction progress.

To conduct field supervision, specialists responsible for its implementation travel to a facility under construction or reconstruction in accordance with the field of field supervision, or upon a customer’s call.

The results of the author’s supervision are recorded in a special journal, which are filled by the persons appointed to control the object. The journal notes all deviations from the project documentation adopted during the construction process. If there are any remarks, the representative of the contractor shall indicate in the journal that he has become acquainted with him and, when corrected, make a corresponding entry.

Responsibility for not removing comments in the prescribed period shall be borne by the representative of the contractor. Upon completion of the audit, each field supervision expert will compile a report on the results. The report indicates the actual scope of the audit, the composition of the comments, the causes, the composition of the measures to eliminate the comments. The report is accompanied by acts of inspection of structures, works, materials. Reports and acts are stored in the project organization;

Author's supervision of the construction of an object / structure of any type can not only the designer (or the person who completed the project), but also a third-party organization that did not directly participate in the design of the object, but was authorized to provide this service.