Construction control and supervision

Construction control and technical audit saves you time and money at EVERY stage of construction.

This is our goal - to ensure the quality of the construction process while at the same time saving the funds and resources of the Customer (or increasing the investment efficiency indicator).

The main task of building control is to prevent violations during construction.

Qualified construction control specialists prevent, rather than look for, mistakes that have already been made. It is known that redoing mistakes is more expensive than not making them. And in order to notice and prevent the wrong actions in time, we need knowledge, a great deal of experience and qualification, which our specialists possess. In addition, two heads are better than one.

The task of construction control is to prevent violations during construction

The need for building control arises during the construction of objects of any type. Thanks to him, the customer can make sure that all work is done properly and in compliance with the stated deadlines, the quality of construction materials meets the standards, and the costs correspond to the real estimate.

Construction control is necessary for investors or customers so that in the process of construction, installation, finishing or repair work, contractors and subcontractors do not overestimate the cost of the work done, as well as the cost of their implementation, recorded in poorly compiled estimates.

The need for technical control is determined by the requirements to ensure an acceptable quality of construction work.

What exactly is the construction control (technical supervision)?

Construction control is aimed at preventing illegal actions of contractors aimed at using cheap materials in the construction process, which leads to their low quality. This fact, if it occurs, affects the degree of bearing abilities that characterize building structures. Low rates in this area are unacceptable, including because it may harm human health.

Construction control at the facilities contributes to the implementation of guarantees for the execution by contractors of work performed in accordance with the requirements of the rules and regulations in the construction industry. Controlling actions can also ensure the execution of the project, while maintaining a guaranteed budget within the project scope.

Construction control work is carried out in several directions.

  1. ensuring the implementation of the project without exceeding the estimated cost of construction;
  2. provision of construction with high-quality building materials corresponding to the construction project;
  3. ensuring the implementation of the construction project on time and in the specified amount;
  4. ensuring high quality, compliance with construction technology
  5. ensuring control over the maintenance of all necessary documentation.

We provide real control of work and materials.

  • we carry out quality control of construction works
  • we check the availability of documents certifying the quality of the structures, products and materials used
  • we carry out a survey and assessment of the quality of work performed and structural elements hidden during the subsequent work
  • ensure compliance with the requirements for the prohibition of the production of further work prior to the drawing up of acts of examination of hidden works;
  • We monitor compliance with safety procedures during the work
  • conduct laboratory tests of building materials and structures;
  • we carry out geodetic control
  • supervise the execution of instructions and instructions of the author’s supervision of the project organization and the state supervision authorities
  • we control timely elimination of defects
  • We organize production meetings with representatives of all organizations involved in the project implementation;
  • represent the interests of the customer in the state construction supervision

Why order building control on the side?

Often the functions of such control are delegated to the staff specialist or department within the structure of the Customer or the General Contractor. However, in such a state of affairs it is impossible to achieve complete independence in assessing the quality of construction - any full-time controlling employees are under pressure and temptation, go on vacation, are ill, give birth ... In addition, they may be simply incompetent.

Also, there are developers who decide to do without construction control. Examples of the consequences of such decisions subsequently appear in the news of federal channels ...

Our experience suggests that the construction control service provided by a third-party independent expert professional organization with appropriate permits, a fleet of diagnostic equipment, a staff of qualified experts has the greatest efficiency and obvious benefit. "LLC" Judicial and non-state construction expertise "GARANT EXPERT" has all of the above.

The economic rationale for the advisability of attracting a third-party organization for construction control is the ratio of the saved time and funds of the Customer to the value of the contract for construction control services.

Order the service of construction control and technical supervision

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Building control - by law

Building control is a system of expert and verification measures. Its purpose is to confirm that the work performed complies with the requirements of the regulatory documents: the project, technical regulations, safety rules, carried out in order to ensure strict compliance with the project’s deadlines, costs, volumes, quality, technology of the work and compliance with the building materials used, thus avoiding additional material costs or financial losses and get timely delivery of high-quality construction object.

Construction control is implemented in accordance with the provisions of Article 53 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, as well as Article 749 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is an obligatory action aimed at ensuring the safety of people's life, health and property.