Judicial construction-technical and judicial evaluation expertise

Forensic construction and technical expertise is a type of study of objects, which is assigned in the course of judicial consideration of civil, arbitration and cases of administrative violations and consisting of conducting research and giving an opinion by an expert on issues whose resolution requires special knowledge in the field of design, construction, work technology , as well as reconstruction or operation of the construction object.

The objects of this kind of expertise are the widest range of activity results, ranging from pre-project work to the operation and disposal of linear, capital and non-capital buildings, buildings and structures.

When do you need forensic construction expertise?

Most often in practice, construction expertise is carried out in the following cases:

  • investigation and trial of criminal cases of accidents, accidents and destruction in construction;
  • establishing the causes and magnitude of material damage caused to residential buildings, apartments due to improper construction or operation of engineering systems;
  • determination of the types, volume, quality and cost of construction work performed, buildings and structures erected and used;
  • determination of the compliance of characteristics with the requirements of special norms and rules governing the processes of design, construction, operation, reconstruction (repair), and dismantling of construction objects;
  • investigation of cases of administrative offenses related to the establishment of the correctness and legality of the construction and operation of construction objects;
  • consideration of disputes arising from construction contracts;
  • resolution of property ownership disputes.

The grounds for the production of an independent forensic construction expertise in a forensic expert institution are the determination of the court, the ruling of the judge, the person conducting the inquiry, the investigator. A forensic examination is considered to be appointed from the day the corresponding ruling is issued or ordered.

The body or person who appointed the forensic examination, represent the objects of research and case materials necessary for conducting research and giving an expert opinion.

How to order a judicial construction and technical expertise?

  1. To send to our company a request for an examination, with specific questions for experts.
  2. Receive from us a written confirmation indicating the cost of the examination and the timing of its implementation. The document will contain information about the company, information about experts and their qualifications.
  3. Submit this letter to the court with a petition for appointing LLC Judicial and Non-State Building Expertise GARANT EXPERT as an expert organization.

The Garant Expert company offers a flexible pricing policy and an individual approach to the provision of services: the cost, the delivery period and the volume of the services provided are determined according to the customer’s request.

What is the result of a judicial construction and technical expertise?

According to the current legislation, when appointing an expert examination in court, the result is an expert opinion, which must contain the following mandatory sections (Federal Law of May 31, 2001 N 73-FZ "On State Forensic Expert Activity in the Russian Federation", Art. 25 ):

  • introduction, which indicates the basic information about the object of study;
  • time and place of production of judicial construction expertise;
  • grounds for the production of forensic examination;
  • information about the body or the person who appointed the judicial construction and technical expertise;
  • information about the forensic institution, the construction expert (last name, first name, patronymic, education, specialty, work experience, academic degree and academic title, position held), which is entrusted with the production of judicial construction expertise;
  • expert warning in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the responsibility for giving a deliberately false conclusion;
  • questions posed to an expert or a panel of experts;
  • objects of research and case materials submitted to the expert for a forensic examination;
  • information about the participants in the process who were present during the production of forensic examination;
  • a research part containing a description of the progress of the research and calculations;
  • photo materials confirming the findings of the expert;
  • evaluation of research results, justification and formulation of conclusions on the questions posed.
  • licensing documents of the expert institution and educational documents of the expert.
Specialists of the company Garant Expert at the facility
Specialists of the company Garant Expert at the facility

When conducting a forensic construction expert examination, the expert is independent; he cannot be in any dependence on the authority or person who has appointed the forensic examination, the parties and other persons interested in the outcome of the case. The expert gives a conclusion, based only on the results of the conducted research in accordance with their special knowledge.

Impact on the construction and technical expert by the courts, judges, inquiry bodies, inquiry officers, investigators and prosecutors, as well as other state bodies, organizations, associations and individuals in order to obtain an opinion in favor of any of the participants is not allowed. or in the interests of others.

Application for a judicial construction and technical expertise

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