What is a master plan for construction

A master plan for construction is a document that contains a detailed description of a building under construction. It shows the location of all objects, starting with lifting mechanisms and ending with temporary sanitary facilities for builders.

The master plan is drawn up for a variety of volumes of work and can relate directly to construction and reconstruction work.

General construction plans are divided into two categories - general site and object. The first type is created for the construction of complexes of buildings or individual objects, while the second contains refinements and concretization of all decisions contained in the general site plan.

The construction master plan should contain the following information

  • site boundaries;
  • all types of current and temporary communications;
  • permanent and temporary roads and transportation patterns;
  • locations and areas of construction and hoisting machines;
  • position of permanent and temporary objects;
  • the position of the signs of the geodetic center;
  • location of construction site lighting sources;
  • places for warehouses of building materials;
  • the provision of temporary structures for recreation and sanitary services for workers;
  • areas of work with a high degree of danger.

Thus, the construction master plan is developed and implemented for the high-quality equipment of the construction site with all necessary production and living conditions, reception, storage and delivery of building materials, as well as to ensure the safety and proper working conditions of workers.

When developing a construction master plan, special attention is paid to optimizing the use of the construction site, minimizing the cost of erecting and maintaining temporary facilities, as well as rational location of the construction industry.

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