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Why do we need an examination of engineering networks

Engineering communications are the most important component of any building for domestic or industrial use. This is a general concept, which includes heating, air conditioning, cold and hot water supply, electricity, sewage, as well as fire fighting and fire safety. With their help, the working conditions and vital functions necessary for a person are created and maintained in the building.

Not a single object can do without assessing the state of engineering communications, moreover, this procedure can be carried out both at the construction stage and during operation. For the examination of engineering communications, experienced experts with sufficient qualifications should be involved. They inspect utility networks using special equipment and using measuring instruments, they determine the performance indicators, as well as the physical wear of the communications. Upon completion of all necessary measurements, calculations are made and a conclusion is drawn up, which, if necessary, can be used in the trial.

The procedure for the examination of engineering networks

Each object has individual characteristics, which requires a special approach to the examination of communications in each individual case. However, there is a general procedure by which expert organizations usually operate:

  • conclusion of an agreement with a customer;
  • analysis of technical documentation and the results of earlier examinations;
  • inspection of engineering network elements in cases of obvious defects;
  • making decisions on the use of a particular equipment suitable for a particular case;
  • inspection of engineering networks using special equipment, detection of hidden defects;
  • analysis of the data obtained;
  • drawing up a conclusion.

The reliability of the equipment and its safety for humans depend on the quality of the work performed. In addition, a properly conducted examination of engineering networks can significantly save the budget for the construction or reconstruction of the facility, and also allows you to optimize the maintenance or overhaul of communications.

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