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Any building, whether it is a private small house, a multi-story residential building or an industrial complex, must meet the safety requirements. The reliability of the construction depends on many factors, each of which is important, and one of them is the quality of construction. The modern market for construction services is full of offers from various organizations and firms. And, unfortunately, not all of them are conscientious performers.

Construction audit and examination at the construction site - Garant Expert

Any construction is a potentially dangerous production process. Neglect of rules and regulations can lead to significant financial losses, a threat to human life and health. Inadequate savings are unacceptable in construction when objects that do not meet current standards are erected in pursuit of quick profit.

Such cases are not uncommon, and disagreements arise between the customer and the contractor, which can only be resolved by a third party. She, as a rule, becomes an independent organization conducting examination of the quality of construction work, determination of the volume and cost of construction and installation works.

The quality of construction and finishing work must comply with a number of parameters, such as building codes and regulations, as well as federal and regional urban planning legislation, design, budget and contract documentation. If the customer has questions about determining the volume, quality and cost of the work performed, and it is not possible to come to a peaceful resolution of the conflict situation with the contractor, an independent construction expertise comes to the rescue. The expert’s opinion can be used as written evidence in any official authority, including in the judiciary.

Specialists of the mobile laboratory of non-destructive testing Garant Expert

Entrust the examination of the quality of construction work only to trusted organizations

Even if the contractor faithfully fulfills all the agreements, it is impossible for the developer to independently control the entire construction process. To do this, you need to have special knowledge, experience, specialized tools. Even if it comes to the construction of a small private facility, the sober owner of the future home will not undertake to monitor and evaluate the quality of construction. Of course, the question of such amateur performances is not even raised in the case of the construction of a major large-scale construction.

In such cases, an examination of the quality of construction is carried out. This event is a complex of studies that is carried out upon completion of construction and finishing works. An examination of the quality of construction can be carried out both for certain types of work, and for the entire volume of construction.

Construction expertise of the quality of materials at the facility

Proper and high-quality construction expertise is not possible without special equipment

Carrying out an examination of the quality of construction, experts analyze the completed construction work, determine their compliance with the developed project, which contains requirements for the quality of work. In addition, the examination of the construction work includes an assessment of compliance with state standards, regulations and contract terms.

Examination of the quality of construction and repair work can be carried out by both government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Both have equal weight and legal significance.

When you need an examination of the quality of construction

Thus, if conflicts arise between the parties involved in construction, an examination of the quality of construction and repair work is necessary. This is especially important if the differences are related to the quality of construction and construction work. Here is a list of the most common cases when you should contact a special organization that provides construction expertise:

  • An accident occurred during the construction process.
  • Disagreements arose over ownership of the facility or the quality of construction work done.
  • A conflict arose between the contractor and the customer regarding the volume and quality of the actually completed construction and installation works.
  • The building does not comply with applicable laws and building codes.
  • The contractor during the construction process changes the cost of work in the direction of overstatement.
  • Cases of litigation in which an independent examination of the quality and scope of construction work is required.

Stages of construction expertise

The examination of the quality of construction is a whole complex of measures involving various specialists, and therefore is carried out in several stages.

At the first stage, the documentation related to the object is studied. Specialists examine the design and estimate documentation, agreements of the parties, reports of contractors on the work done, information is collected about the object, related to the terms and conditions of use. After that, on the basis of the materials received, a preliminary description of the work is compiled, and tasks for instrumental research and technical specifications are formulated, which will be performed during the examination.

At the second stage, specialists begin a direct examination of the quality of construction of the building. Experts examine the features of the facility, conduct a visual inspection and measure defects of the completed construction or repair. After such an inspection, all detected defects are recorded by special photography.

Employee Garant Expert conducts an energy audit of the facade of the building

Invisible defects are detected using special instruments

In addition to visual examination, the object is studied using special equipment allowing to reveal latent deformations and deficiencies, characteristics of load-bearing structural elements. For example, with the help of levels it is determined how smooth the walls are, deflections and deformations are measured.

At the third, final stage, experts analyze all the collected information and the results of the study. In some cases, laboratory research materials. This is done in order to determine their quality and compliance with safety requirements, building codes, technical specifications. Having studied all the information received, the experts draw up the final document - the technical conclusion.

Conducting construction expertise should be trusted only by qualified organizations that have a good reputation, experienced staff in the staff and special equipment that meets modern requirements. Only such an organization is able to quickly and competently monitor the quality of finishing, construction and other types of work, check and evaluate all the documentation. Applying to trusted experts will reduce the risk of unplanned financial expenses, meet construction deadlines and prevent violations of construction technologies.


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