Examination of ventilation systems

Examination of ventilation and air conditioning systems is a whole range of activities. Such an examination is recommended both before installing exhaust or filtering communications, and as a check during operation. This examination should be carried out especially carefully in enterprises with a high content of harmful or toxic substances in the air.

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The check allows you to timely identify a number of defects, such as blockages, a decrease in aerodynamics, defects in the pipes, non-compliance of ventilation devices with design standards.

Examination of ventilation systems takes place in three stages:

1. Examination of design documentation for ventilation systems.
At this stage, specialists carefully examine all available documentation, identify violations of standards, determine how optimized the use of equipment. Based on the information received, the experts draw up detailed recommendations for eliminating the discovered violations.

2. Expertise of ventilation system installation.
Even the highest quality and most expensive equipment can end up in the hands of unskilled installers. Therefore, the second stage of the examination is no less important than the first. Experts inspect the quality of installation of ventilation systems and their components. At this stage, a list of identified violations and recommendations for their elimination are also compiled.

3. Examination of the current state of the ventilation system.
This stage is essentially a check of the condition of the ventilation system as a whole. Specialists evaluate the effectiveness of its work, identify all existing defects and determine the causes of their occurrence. Upon completion of work at the final stage, a general conclusion is made about the current state of the ventilation system and recommendations for correcting malfunctions.

A modern ventilation system is a complex and high-tech facility. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of its proper work: the health of people in the building depends on it in many ways. Therefore, the question of the examination of ventilation systems cannot be formally approached. Inspection is recommended to be carried out regularly and entrusted to trusted specialists.

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