State and non-state examination of project documentation. What's the Difference?

Before the construction of a residential or non-residential building, as well as its reconstruction, the developer must undergo an examination of project documentation. It should be noted that the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation does not require an examination for a number of construction projects (mainly low-rise and intended for one family). However, the construction of the vast majority of objects is impossible without an examination of project documentation.

The purpose of this procedure is to identify non-compliance of documents with technical regulations. With the 2012 of the year in the Town Planning Code, the norm is fixed, according to which non-state examination of project documentation legally equalized with the state. Thus, the right to inspect project papers is vested with both state institutions and non-governmental organizations that have accreditation. The results of the expert opinion in both cases are equally valid.

The main differences of non-state expertise from the state

  • Dates of examination. The term of the examination in a public institution is about two months. The non-governmental organization will perform the examination much faster - in 10-15 days.
  • Cost of services. Non-state companies in the conditions of modern competition form a flexible pricing policy. In this regard, the cost of examination of project documentation will be significantly lower than in a public institution.
  • Lack of bureaucratic delays. Non-governmental organizations, as a rule, provide the customer with a personal manager who will answer all your questions.
  • Flexible approach. Non-state examination allows the customer to order a study of only one or several sections of documentation, while state examination excludes this possibility.

Thus, the conclusion of independent experts is an official legal document, and the advantages of non-state expertise are obvious. It is not surprising that more and more developers trust the verification of project documentation to non-state institutions that are professionals in this field of activity.

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