Development of fire safety systems

Special technical conditions are developed for objects that have individual features of design, construction or operation. For a number of reasons for such buildings and structures there is no possibility to comply with all established requirements.

STU regulate these features, and with its help creates its own fire protection system, designed for a specific object.

As a rule, STU are required in the following cases:

  • the object is designed with deviations from the established requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on fire safety;
  • The object is unique and differs in technical and structural difficulties (for example, airports, non-standard skyscrapers, aircraft hangars, storage facilities, oil-producing platforms).

Any of the above cases is a reason for development of special technical conditions for fire safety. At the same time, practice shows that if an object has at least one, even if a formal deviation from the norm, one can proceed to the development of the STU.

Such a need may arise if non-standard design solutions are feasible both economically and technically. In this case, the investor gets the opportunity to save the necessary design solutions and settle the features of the object with the requirements of fire safety.

STU forms a number of requirements for a particular object, allows you to settle its features and established standards, as well as develop effective fire prevention measures. Developed fire safety system must be coordinated with the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

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