Thermal inspection of buildings

This type of examination is one of the most high-tech methods of non-destructive testing, and its task is to search for defects in thermal insulation. Such violations can occur in any building structure: in external walls, ceilings, basements or coatings.

Conducting a thermal visual inspection of the object - Garant Expert

To detect defects, experts apply special equipment, and the process itself involves the construction of surface temperature maps, analysis of the dynamics of heat exchange processes and calculations of heat fluxes. With its help, it is possible to identify the presence of a wide variety of defects related to both the low quality of building materials and violations during the construction or operation of the facility.

Thermal imaging is an integral part of the energy survey of buildings. It is necessary when putting a new or reconstructed object into operation, as well as to detect heat and leakage losses. Using this type of examination, you can find and find out the reasons for a number of unpleasant and costly moments for the owner:

  • Poor construction work
  • Increase job maintenance costs
  • The appearance of structural damage to the building
  • Mold, damp insulation and drafts
  • Rising heating costs
  • Determine the cause of drafts

A thermal imaging survey carried out in time can save the owner significant funds by reducing energy costs, as well as plan effective energy-saving measures. This expertise helps assess the quality of construction and the proper use of the building, improves operational performance and increases the market value of real estate.

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