Geodetic control of objects under construction

We carry out geodetic control and maintenance during the construction of prefabricated, monolithic and panel buildings, structures, industrial sites, airfields and routes of linear objects.

We offer a flexible approach to solving problems. Constant support, fixed trips, rotational method. Garant Expert specialists have all the necessary skills, equipment and technical base for geodetic maintenance of objects under construction of any complexity, in any region of Russia, including Moscow and Moscow Region, Kaluga, Tula, Voronezh , Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don and other cities.

What is geodesic control?

Geodetic control is an ordered system of measurements and calculations that allow to check the correctness of key geometrical parameters during the construction process and to ensure correct and accurate positioning of structures, buildings and constructions in accordance with the design and limits of the CR&R (Construction regulations and rules).

Geodetic control is included in the number of mandatory proceduresstipulated by the regulations of production quality control. The primary task of the geodetic control of buildings is the timely detection and prevention of defects in the construction process.

Control of geodetic works is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • verification of geodetic measurement processes: adherence to methods and rules when performing work to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results;
  • determination of completion of work: the data obtained from the result of geodetic works, on the basis of which the design is carried out or decisions are made on the state of the construction object, should be sufficient. If the work is not fully completed, this may lead to distortion of information and taking wrong decisions;
  • assessment of the quality of work: the quality of work is influenced by such factors as: equipment used, the qualifications of specialists, environmental conditions, work culture;
  • application of normative data: an important condition for the reliability of the results is the usage of relevant reference and regulatory data. Surveillance control checks the correctness of the application of data and their relevance;
  • prevention of inconsistencies in geodetic measurements: in the course of the measurements there are always errors and flaws. They are related to the state of measuring instruments and auxiliary equipment, the correctness of their operation and storage. Regular monitoring of geodetic works allows to reduce measurement errors and prevent discrepancies in the results of work.

What does the service of geodetic control include?

The procedure of geodetic control includes:

  • verification of accuracy of the location of the object, structures or temporarily fixed building structures and their elements in accordance with the requirements specified in the project documentation;
  • verification of the emplacement of all elements of the concrete foundation during installation;
  • verification of compliance of supporting elements with technical documentation requirements.
  • photoshoot of various positions of building structures and their separate parts after completion of installation.

Geodetic control should be phased in order to make a timely decision on the elimination of significant deviations or changes in the project and be carried out on an ongoing basis.

Geodetic surveys at the facility

Stages of geodetic control

The main stages of work:

  • Creation of the reference geodetic network of the construction object
  • Initial survey of the 1: 500 scale to design and preserve the initial surface for calculating of soil volumes
  • Study of the project, search for errors and recalculation of control points in the coordinate system of the object
  • Carrying out in nature the boundaries of the pit, with subsequent monitoring of excavation and counting the volume of earthworks
  • Carrying out in nature (fastening) of the main axes of a construction

Surveying at the construction site - Garant Expert

  • Carrying out in nature (consolidation) of the structural elements of the object, incl. temporary roads, underground utilities and other elements.
  • Carrying out in nature (fastening) of high-rise reference points for construction and installation works.
  • Systematic monitoring of the deformations of buildings and structures that fall into the zone of influence of construction, as well as monitoring the draft of the erected building and the retaining wall of the pit.
  • Preparation and submission of technical reports on the results of geodetic work performed during construction.
  • Executive survey of the erected elements and preparation of as-built documentation, incl. executive drawings of the planned and high-altitude position of the hidden structures during construction.
  • Control over the execution of works and acceptance of as-built documentation of general contractors and subcontractors.
  • Geodesic control over compliance with the geometric parameters (dimensions) of building structures, incl. when checking the verticality of walls and columns of structures, leveling the surface when assembling formwork, installing special equipment, calibrating crane runways, etc.
  • Periodic inspection of the volume of concrete work.

The geodesic control performed during the construction process must be documented in the prescribed manner and contain executive diagrams for the structural elements of the building or structure, executive engineering plans, control logs, inspection acts, etc.

For the production of geodetic works and timely control over the process of erection of structures and installation of structures and systems, our company employs qualified specialists in geodetic profile. For the work, narrow-focus equipment, high-precision measuring instruments and specialized calculation methods are used, which make it possible to carry out measurements even in difficult conditions and accurately monitor the state of all building structures and parts.

Our company offers a flexible pricing policy and an individual approach to the provision of services: the cost, delivery time and volume of services provided are determined according to the customer’s request.

Order the procedure of geodetic control

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Geodetic control of objects under construction

Geodetic works are an integral part of a complex of construction works, which are necessary for designing a building object, developing initial documentation, referencing on location, and also for complying of the construction with the project documentation.

The quality of these works determines the quality of control over construction and installation works, the compliance of the completed construction work with the project or the requirements of current legislation.

The quality of performance of geodetic works depends on the accuracy of the measurement results, the accuracy of the location of the object, the strength and stability of the structure. If geodetic work is carried out in a timely manner, in stages and taking into account the project for the production of geodetic works, the control measurements can prevent many gross errors in the process of construction and installation work.