Industrial Safety Audit

Examination of industrial safety - assessment of the compliance of the object under examination with the current standards and rules of industrial safety.

Examination of industrial safety is a procedure necessary to determine the compliance of devices (equipment complex, individual units) with the requirements of regulatory documents governing industrial safety issues. In addition, the examination allows to evaluate the actual state of the production equipment.

Depending on the classification of the hazardous facility, the direction of the activities is established, as well as the necessary scope of work. Examination of PB may be carried out in the following directions, namely:

  • examination of industrial safety of technical devices;
  • examination of industrial safety of buildings and structures;
  • examination of industrial safety of project documentation;
  • industrial safety expertise; industrial safety declaration;

When is industrial safety expertise required?

The examination is carried out in cases where it is necessary to have an official opinion on the possibility of starting or continuing the operation of equipment at a hazardous production, namely:

  • when commissioning the entire complex of equipment (launch of hazardous production)
  • when a new piece of equipment is introduced into the production cycle, which is not in the declared list of units (if the device is subject to certification and declarations)
  • at the end of the life of the equipment
  • after work related to repair, modification, installation of spare parts from materials not provided for by the manufacturer
  • if it is planned to launch a technical device after the re-entry
  • in the absence of information about the life in the technical documentation, which is accompanied by the delivery of the device
  • after industrial accidents, if the equipment was damaged, repairs were carried out
  • at the request of Rostekhnadzor

What objects are subject to expertise PB?

  • gas supply and distribution systems;
  • steam and hot water boilers;
  • steam and hot water pipelines;
  • technological pipelines;
  • electrical equipment.
  • lifting mechanisms for various purposes and principles of operation.
  • industrial containers under high pressure or at high temperatures;
  • chemical hazards and equipment;
  • other hazardous industrial facilities.

What work is carried out in the framework of the examination of PB?

When an expert organization implements an electronic safety expertise of a specific technical device or other similar equipment used at a hazardous industrial facility, in most cases the following types of work are performed:

  • collection, study and subsequent analysis of project and technical documentation. This stage is the main for all events included in the expertise of the technical device, so it is extremely important to obtain as much as possible comprehensive and complete information about it;
  • determination of the diagnostic program taking into account the design features of the test object, operating conditions, results of previous inspections.
  • performing technical diagnostics, in the course of which non-destructive and destructive testing methods are applied, verification calculations and tests for strength, tightness and tight fit of joints are carried out.
  • research results of technical diagnostics.
  • the formation of an expert opinion with conclusions regarding the possibility of safe operation of the equipment in the future, the degree of wear of devices, the estimated timing of their further work.
  • entering the conclusion of the safety expertise to the Rostechnadzor registry

What is the result of a PB examination?

The result of the examination is the Conclusion, which contains reasonable conclusions about the state of the object, its compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of industrial safety, as well as measures and recommendations for its further operation.

The conclusion comes into force only after its registration and inclusion in the corresponding register. The function of entering and maintaining a register of conclusions is assigned to Rostechnadzor and its territorial bodies, which are obliged to perform this function in accordance with the current regulations.

The expert opinion based on the results of the inspection and registered by Rostechnadzor is an official document and the basis for putting the equipment into operation at production facilities that are classified as “hazardous”. Also, complex diagnostics allows to determine the possibility of using the equipment at the time of approaching the established period of its operation and after the end.

Expert opinion, as a rule, contains:

  • performance assessment of the object;
  • object safety assessment;
  • assessment of residual operational resource;
  • a list of measures of recommendatory nature and aimed at improving the condition of the object.

Areas of examination of industrial safety

Examination of project documentation

Examination of project documentation involves the study of documents of the object at any of the stages of construction, modernization, overhaul or reconstruction. Examination can be carried out both in full and on sections.

Examination of project documentation is mandatory if you need to obtain a building permit. In addition, such a study may be required if:

  • there was a need to check the quality of the design work produced;
  • verification of technology of individual stages of construction is necessary;
  • The relevant requirements of the supervisory authorities were set;
  • changes were made to the construction documentation of the object.

Экспертиза technical devices

One of the most important types of expert works in the field of industrial safety is reasonably considered to be expertise technical devices.

Examination of industrial safety of technical devices is an assessment of the compliance of their technical condition with the approved standards and current regulations.

The technical devices used at a hazardous production facility are: machines, technological equipment, systems of machines and / or equipment, units, equipment, mechanisms involved in the operation of a hazardous production facility.

A technical device used at a hazardous production facility is subject to examination (unless a technical regulation establishes another form of conformity assessment of the specified device to mandatory requirements):

  • prior to use at a hazardous production facility;
  • upon the expiration of the service life or when exceeding the number of load cycles of such a technical device installed by its manufacturer;
  • if there is no data in the technical documentation about the service life of such a technical device, if its actual service life exceeds 20 years;
  • after carrying out work associated with a change in the design, replacement of the material of the supporting elements of such a technical device, or reconditioning after an accident or incident at a hazardous production facility, as a result of which such a technical device was damaged.

In expert analysis, devices that could potentially become a source of danger to the life or health of workers at hazardous production facilities, property, as well as damage to people and objects located outside the hazardous production facility are subject to verification.

In accordance with Article 13 of Federal Law No. 116-FZ, industrial safety expertise is subject to:

  • documentation of conservation, liquidation of a hazardous production facility;
  • documentation for the technical re-equipment of a hazardous production facility if the specified documentation is not included in the design documentation of such an object to be examined in accordance with the legislation on urban planning activities;
  • technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, in cases established by article 7 of Federal Law No. 116-FZ;
  • buildings and structures at a hazardous production facility, intended for the implementation of technological processes, storage of raw materials or products, movement of people and goods, localization and liquidation of consequences of accidents;
  • the industrial safety declaration developed as part of the technical re-equipment documentation (in case the specified documentation is not included in the project documentation of the hazardous production facility to be examined in accordance with the legislation on urban planning), conservation, liquidation of the hazardous production facility, or newly developed declaration industrial safety;
  • safety justification of a hazardous production facility, as well as changes made in the safety justification of a hazardous production facility.

What documents are needed for the examination of prom. safety equipment?

  1. Technical passport of the equipment
  2. Device test certificate
  3. The act of commissioning of the equipment
  4. Drawings containing information about the functions and principles of operation of the device
  5. Project documentation with a list of technical parameters
  6. Documents with information about the operating conditions of the equipment, as well as methods of testing and the frequency of diagnosis
  7. Documents on previous examinations with a description of the current technical condition of the devices
  8. Reports on the performance of work in the framework of current repair, capital repairs, and equipment renovations
  9. Acts of investigation of emergency situations associated with the breakdown of devices

Examination of buildings and structures

In respect buildings and structures at a hazardous production facility, intended for the implementation of technological processes, storage of raw materials or products, movement of people and goods, localization and liquidation of consequences of accidents, are subject to expertise:

  • in the event of the expiration of the life of the building or structure established by the project documentation;
  • in the absence of project documentation, or in the project documentation there is no data on the life of the building or structure;
  • after an accident at a hazardous production facility, as a result of which the supporting structures of these buildings and structures were damaged;
  • upon the expiration of the safe operation periods established by the expert opinion.

Экспертиза industrial safety declarations

Экспертиза industrial safety declarations is carried out in order to establish the completeness and reliability of the data reflected in the safety declaration of an existing or projected industrial facility.

Order industrial safety advice

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Industrial safety expertise is an extremely important event, the main task of which is to protect the interests of people and society as a whole from any dangerous incidents at the facilities and their consequences. That is why such strict requirements are imposed, and only licensed companies with highly professional and certified employees can be allowed to conduct an examination.

To provide services in the field of technical diagnostics and technical certification of various types of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, we have a non-destructive testing laboratory (LNK) equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment certified and accredited by the non-destructive testing laboratory (LNK) in the conformity assessment bodies of the Russian Federation .

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