Engineering services (technical customer)

Construction engineering. From idea to commissioning - the full range of services for construction support.

Shifting the function of a technical customer on the shoulders of the specialists “Judicial and non-state construction expertise“ GARANT EXPERT ”you will be able to choose your own degree of participation in the project: to control the process partially or entrust us with full project support at all stages of its implementation.

Technical customer functions include a range of services, a list of which is compiled individually for each client. Read more about what a technical customer does below.

Who is a technical customer and what is his role?

In short, we are the technical customer. We take upon ourselves all the headache for the support and organization of construction. In the West, this is called the fashionable word "engineering", while in our country it is the performance of the functions of a technical customer.

A technical customer organizes interaction between all participants in the construction process: customers and investors, contractors, designers, coordinating and permitting authorities, frees the developer from the need to conduct numerous negotiations, monitor compliance with the requirements of standards and regulatory documents.

Thus, the use of the functions of the technical customer in full allows us to achieve high quality construction work, as well as compliance with all deadlines according to a predetermined plan.

Who has the right to be a technical customer?

From 01 July 2017, the functions of a technical customer can be performed only by a member of the self-regulatory organization in the field of engineering surveys, architectural design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul of capital construction projects, except as provided for in 2.1, 47, part 4.1 of the 48 article of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

The staff of our company includes highly qualified personnel with special knowledge and extensive experience in this field. Complying with all requirements, we are ready to offer the services of a technical customer.

LLC Judicial and Non-State Construction Expertise GARANT EXPERT provides a full range of services related to the implementation of an investment and construction project: engineering services in the field of construction, functions of a technical customer, accompanying the largest investment and construction projects.

What is the meaning of technical customer services?

Economic efficiency from the work of the technical customer’s service lies in:

  • protecting the interests of the customer
  • reducing the time for obtaining approvals and permits
  • quality control of development of design and estimate documentation
  • control over the timing and quality of production of construction and installation works
  • reducing construction risks.

Functions of a technical customer in the implementation of investment construction projects

Pre-design preparation

Construction expertise from "GARANT EXPERT" - office in Kaluga

Construction expertise from "GARANT EXPERT" - office in Kaluga

Evaluation of the possibility of implementation

  • Technical audit of the land;
  • Analysis of urban planning documentation for the site;
  • Best use analysis;
  • Identifying urban constraints and ways to overcome them;
  • Identification of existing communications on the memory;
  • Determination of connectivity to engineering networks;
  • Determination of connectivity to the transport network;
  • Definition of security zones affecting the placement of the object.

Pre-design preparation

  • Study and determination of the proposed parameters of the object of reconstruction or construction (height, area, shape), preparation on the basis of this information of a town planning plan tied to the allocated land plot
  • registration of title documents for the selected land plot
  • Issuance of technical specifications for carrying out engineering and geodesic, geological and environmental surveys, as well as support for conducting surveys;
  • Obtaining permits and technical conditions for connecting the object to the networks of engineering and technical support;
  • Development of technical specifications for design;
  • Collection and formation of source data for the design of the object;

Preparation of design and estimate documentation

  • Selection of the project organization for the preparation of project documentation in accordance with the design assignment
  • Formation and conclusion of all necessary documents and contracts for design;
  • Support design and release of the project;
  • Obtaining conclusions, approvals and necessary permits for design and construction;
  • Maintenance and control of the development and creation of special sections of the construction project;

State (non-state) project expertise

  • Support during the examination of the project, obtaining a positive expert opinion

Preparation for construction

Preparation for construction

  • Selection of contractor for construction
  • Preparation and execution of contracts for general contract work, including production schedules and financing
  • Monitoring properly preparing the construction site, ensuring power supply;
  • Maintenance of the preparatory work, control of deadlines.

Obtaining a building permit

  • Formation of documents for obtaining a building permit,
  • Obtaining a building permit;
  • Support of the preparation of documents for the coordination of the project of construction works and obtaining a permit for excavation by the general contractor;
  • Preparation of notifications about the beginning of construction and their sending to the Inspectorate of the State Construction Supervision;
Surveying at the construction site - Garant Expert

Geodetic works at the construction site - Garant Expert

Construction and commissioning

Construction control at the facility

  • The implementation of the functions of construction control, checking for compliance with the work performed, materials used, preventing the failure of the project implementation deadlines;
  • Control over the development of allocated funds for construction. Verification of compliance of the actually performed volumes of construction and installation works with the declared volumes of the contractor for the reporting period.
  • Control of timely payment to suppliers and contractors for the materials supplied and work performed
  • Control over timely preparation by contractors of as-built documentation
  • Control over compliance by contractors with requirements for labor protection and safety when carrying out construction and installation works, general production culture
  • Participation in the work of commissions for the acceptance and execution of acts of evidence of work, structures, network engineering and engineering networks, as well as the preparation and maintenance of executive documentation
  • Control over the terms of the technical conditions, approvals, building permits and timely extension of the terms of their actions until the end of construction;
  • Ordering and receiving executive surveys reflecting the location of engineering and technical support networks within the boundaries of the land plot and the planning organization of the land plot with landscaping;
  • Participation in various inspections carried out by organizations of construction supervision, departmental inspections and commissions and the preparation of notices on the elimination of violations identified during the construction of the facility, monitoring the implementation of instructions and instructions of organizations of construction supervision;
Specialists of the mobile laboratory of non-destructive testing Garant Expert

Specialists of the mobile laboratory of non-destructive testing Garant Expert

Preparation of the facility for commissioning

  • Completing the package of as-built documentation (passports, certificates for materials used during the construction of the Object, equipment, mechanisms), acts for hidden works, acts of testing, mounted engineering and process equipment, technological and engineering networks, devices, installations, etc., including executive surveys performed by the general contractor and construction contractors;
  • Registration of certificates and acts on the implementation of technical conditions for connecting networks of engineering and technical support;
  • Drawing up technical plans and passports for completed construction projects
  • Paperwork for assigning the address of the constructed object
  • Registration of documents for energy efficiency passport and equipment requirements of the constructed capital construction facility
  • Preparation of documentation for the Inspectorate of State Construction Supervision for obtaining Acts of compliance of the object with the requirement of technical regulations and project documentation in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Formation of a package of documents for obtaining permission to enter the facility into operation, and obtain the necessary supporting documentation
  • Registration of permits for commissioning of objects
  • Cadastral registration of construction objects
  • Obtaining certificates of state registration of ownership of the object

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Technical customer - by law

According to the norms of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, a technical customer is an organization or association that acts in the interests and on behalf of the developer on a professional basis and provides a full range of engineering services, from project development to commissioning of the completed object. He concludes agreements and controls all construction and installation works.

Technical customer - a direct representative of the investor in the implementation of projects. His area of ​​responsibility includes technical indicators of design and construction. In this case, the developer left the right to independently perform the functions of a technical customer.

Increasingly, investors are attracting third-party organizations to the role of technical customer, regardless of the size of the construction project. An investor may involve a technical customer to fully support a construction project or control certain stages of its implementation. It is possible to expand or reduce the scope of authority of a technical customer in construction at the stage of drawing up an agreement, in which all obligations of the parties are detailed.

If the developer allows the technical customer to deeply enter the project, he gets not only a partner. He has a real trustee who is engaged in representing his interests on the construction site. The degree of technical customer immersion in the project determines the possibility of its further optimization, and at the same time allows it to minimize temporary and economic losses.